How to get started with AdMob?

AdMob is one of the world's largest mobile advertising platforms and claims to serve more than 40 billion mobile banner and text ads per month across mobile Web sites and handset applications.

AdMob is one of the world's largest mobile advertising platforms and claims to serve more than 40 billion mobile banner and text ads per month across mobile Web sites and handset applications.
Google AdMob makes it easy for developers to earn money from their mobile apps with high-quality ads. AdMob maximizes the value of every impression by combining global advertiser demand, innovative ad formats, and advanced app monetization technology.


AdMob is a mobile advertising company founded by Omar Hamoui. The name AdMob is a portmanteau for "advertising on mobile". It was incorporated on April 10, 2006, while Hamoui was in business school at Wharton. The company is based in Mountain View, California. In November 2009, it was acquired by Google for $750 million. The acquisition was completed on May 27, 2010. Apple Inc. had also expressed interest in purchasing the company the same year, but they were out-bid by Google. Before being acquired by Google, AdMob acquired the company AdWhirl, formerly Adrollo, which is a platform for developing advertisements in iPhone applications. AdMob offers advertising solutions for many mobile platforms, including Android, iOS, WebOS, Flash Lite, Windows Phone, and all standard mobile web browsers.
Why show ads?

Showing ads to app users allows you to create a sustainable source of revenue to help grow your business while you focus on building and developing quality apps. Advertisers get to reach new customers, and users can discover relevant products and services – while enjoying apps for free. So it’s a win for everyone – developers, users, and advertisers.

Why AdMob?

AdMob is a free, simple way for app developers of all sizes to earn money by displaying targeted ads in their apps.

How AdMob works?

AdMob provides a way for Google to help app developers earn more money from their apps. AdMob works by matching ads to your app based on the criteria you set. The ads are created and paid for by advertisers who want to promote their products. Since these advertisers pay different prices for different ads the amount you earn will vary.

The Google ad network

As one of the largest global ad networks, AdMob works with millions of advertisers who compete for ad space in your app, from the largest global brands to the hottest new direct-to-consumer start-ups. That means more demand, more relevant ads for your users, and more revenue for you.

Ad mediation

Cast a wider net by expanding advertiser demand to third-party networks. AdMob does the heavy lifting to make sure you’re showing ads from the highest-paying networks – and earning the highest cost per thousand impressions (CPM).

Hybrid revenue models
Combine your in-app advertising with other revenue sources, such as in-app purchases (IAP), to create a balanced and sustainable source of income.

Ad formats:
By delivering the right ads to the right users at the right time, you can continue to give users a great experience while monetizing your app. You can choose from a wide range of formats, including:
Rewarded: Ads that users can choose to engage with in exchange for in-app rewards, like bonus points or an extra “life” in a game.

Native: Customized ads that look and feel like a natural part of your app.
Banner: Rectangular ads that can be anchored to the top or bottom of the screen.
Interstitial: Static or video ads that can appear at natural breaks or transition points, creating engaging brand experiences without disrupting the app experience.

The AdMob advantage:

AdMob helps maximize revenue with more advertiser demand that helps drive high CPMs and fill rates globally. As a proven platform, our goal is not only to empower you to build sustainable revenue streams, but also to make your job easier with simple, yet powerful tools.
Here’s how we help developers grow their business.
Maximize lasting revenue with industry-leading monetization tech:
Mediation: AdMob’s mediation platform helps developers set up, manage, and optimize multiple mobile ad networks. Working with multiple advertising sources creates competition for your ad inventory, which helps you earn more.

Open Bidding: By calling all participating ad networks simultaneously, your ad sources can bid for each ad spot in real-time, ensuring that you always earn the highest CPM for every impression.
Engage your users: Innovative ad formats like rewarded and native ads help balance user experience with monetization to keep users happy and engaged.

Automate tasks: Use our automated tools to take care of the daily tasks – and free up your time to focus on building the best apps.

Protect your brand: Strong advertising policies, publisher controls, and comprehensive ad reviews help you control the types of ads you display on your app to keep your brand safe.

Get smarter insights: By offering seamless integration with Google Analytics for Firebase, AdMob offers smarter analytics and reporting features so you can better understand how users interact with ads and optimize their lifetime value.

How to get started with AdMob?

To get the most from in-app ads, you should have a significant user base and a good understanding of who your users are. From there, getting started is easy – just create your new AdMob account or sign in with an existing Google Ads account.